YEA Consultants and Advocates


YEA has assembled a team of the world’s foremost experts in children’s rights. As a team, any issue pertaining to children can be addressed and a meaningful solution can be offered. The YEA Team has legal and hands-on expertise in: migration, media, social development, child labour, trafficking, exploitation, juvenile justice, child participation, and many other fields.

Karla Cueva (Honduras)

Juergen Becker (Austria & Bulgaria)

Dorianne Beyer (USA)

Alice Durgnat (Switzerland & Sudan)

Rebecca Farrar (USA & Canada)

Siri Farstad (Norway & Switzerland)

Anna Gambaro (Italy)

Roberta Salle Levy (Brazil & Switzerland)

Sara McMillan (USA)

Edward O’Brien (USA)

Sherry Wheatley Sacino, YEA founder and CEO (USA & Italy)

Birgit Scheffel (Austria & USA)

Deepak Raj Sapkota (Nepal)

Thea Totland (Norway)

Sandra Wuilloud (Switzerland)