About Sherry Wheatley Sacino


Sherry Sacino is a highly motivated, energetic entrepreneurial business owner who is a master at creative problem solving. She is often tapped by organizations worldwide (as well as high-level executives and politicians), to act as a sounding board and resource in addressing critical business and social issues. Her sensitive nature has provided major companies with winning, profitable formulas to express their corporate social conscience, while making a substantial contribution to the world around them.

Sherry has worked in 74 countries and developed socially responsible and effective work strategies for some of the world’s largest companies, often in partnership with federal government agencies. She worked in West Africa for six years, Russia for eight years and Central America for two years as an agriculture specialist.

In 1999, she formed of the Youth Empowerment Alliance, Inc. (YEA) and the creation of a worldwide cooperative news service, Youth OUTLOUD! which distributes youth-generated stories to mainstream media. With more than 500 youth storytellers worldwide, and affiliations with all major media associations, Youth OUTLOUD! is the premiere news service offering youth expressions and views.

Also as president of YEA, she serves as a senior advisor the United Nations and various government agencies. She worked with the White House Office of National Drug Control Policy’s national youth anti-drug media campaign during the Clinton administration. In this capacity, she was responsible for molding the partnership between the Media Campaign and the following organizations: Girl Scouts of the USA, Boy Scouts, Boys and Girls Clubs, National Basketball Association, Major League Baseball, NCAA, National Federation of High Schools and others.

YEA developed a hip-hop program on behalf of the national Project Safe Neighborhoods program to reduce gun violence for the United States Department of Justice. In addition, YEA has worked with the World Olympians Association, which includes 80,000+ members worldwide, to create, direct and execute its worldwide anti-doping program in 175 countries.

The author of numerous articles in major publications, she is a writer for Sports Illustrated for Kids. Sacino has written two books, Keeping the Drive Alive: Growing up to be a Buccaneer and Spiritual Touchdowns: Inspirational Profiles from the NFL. She was the editorial and creative consultant for the Disney/ESPN youth website.



"I have traveled throughout the world and always return home with the same idea…that we are all in this together. I have dedicated my life to helping others harness their vision so they can begin to create a better world for themselves and those around them."

Areas of specialty

  1. 1.Media/Child Participation

  2. 2.Social Development

  3. 3.Public-Private Partnerships

  4. 4.Marketing

  5. 5.Program Development & Implementation



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