About Sandra Wuilloud


Sandra is the expert on the rights of the child in Switzerland of Terre des hommes - Foundation for Child Relief, which is a significant force among children’s aid organizations throughout the world and the largest NGO for children’s aid in Switzerland.

She has first been working as a lawyer and country expert with the Swiss Asylum Appeal Commission, where she sharpened her knowledge about refugee and asylum law. Later, she became a lawyer with the Central Authority in matter of international adoption and legal kidnapping of children.

During her free time, Sandra worked for several months as a Development instructor in the Child Aid Project Gaza in Mozambique, with minors in conflict with the law in Frederikshavn, Denmark, co-created the voluntary organization CROM (Children’s Rights On the Move) to take position against a proposal of the Swiss legislator to expulse foreign minors in conflict with the law. She worked as well as a lawyer and French-English translator with Defense for Children International (DCI) in Ramallah, Israël; during this time, she wrote a report about the violation of the Convention of the United Nation on Children’s rights concerning Palestinian children deprived of their liberty. Furthermore, she co-organized a snow board camp with blind and eyesight handicapped youngsters in Switzerland.

Sandra is a very positive and enthusiastic person. She hopes that one day we’ll be able to buy all these needed things by being sure there is no slavery, no child work, no mistreatment, no violence or no abuse hidden behind them. When this day comes, then all of us can relax for a while.

Master thesis: Switzerland confronted with female genital mutilation, protection and prevention

lic. iur. HSG, University for economics, law and social sciences (HSG), St. Gallen, Switzerland

Diploma certificate: Die Rechtsstellung papierloser Asylsuchender in der Schweiz (transl.: Legal status of a paperless asylum seeker in Switzerland)

Biographical Sketch

Areas of specialty

  1. 1.Lobbying and advocacy

  2. 2.Juvenile justice

  3. 3.International Adoption

  4. 4.Legal kidnapping of children

  5. 5.Refugees and Asylum seekers

  6. 6.Female genital mutilation

  7. 7.Corporal punishment