About Roberta Salle Levy


Roberta Salle Levy is a highly motivated person, enthusiastic and dynamic.

In Brazil she worked intensely with Child Rights, specifically in sexual abuse cases, disputes of guardianship, adoption and in resolution of family law conflicts in a Law Office Specialized in Family Law and Children’s Rights. During the period of 2003 until 2005 Roberta developed a work as conciliator at the Small Claims Civil Court, Central House of Porto Alegre being involved in the resolution of small conflicts within the civil law matters. At international level since January 2007 Roberta transferred its residence to Switzerland to attend the Master Advanced Studies in Children’s Rights acquiring knowledge in issues involving children’s rights at international sphere. During the work as a child rights specialist at International Social Service, an International non-governmental organization, with its General Secretariat in Geneva, it was possible to maintain intense contact with the NGO network, UN System, and Diplomatic Missions, facilitating the interaction between different actors at the international sphere. The experience acquired in Brazil together with the experience at the international level made possible that Roberta is capable to develop activities in the following issues:

•Adoption Issues (diffusion of the Hague Convention on Intercountry Adoption, capacity building to caregivers, foster families about intercountry adoption and prepare the child for he/she new environment)

•Capacity building for adoption agencies (to work for the respect of the CRC Convention and Hague Convention, ethical principles)

•Assessment of child care facilities (identification of constraints, difficulties, to obtain the views of the child that are in a out-of –home care facility)

•Work with families of origin avoiding abandonment child-mother

•Work to create alternatives measures of placement, avoiding the Maintenance of the child inside an institutional setting for an unlimited period, Future Care plans

•Work with issues regarding children without parental care, orphans and vulnerable children

  1.   Advocacy with UN Missions, INGOs and IOs in Geneva in issues that the Child Rights Specialists are currently working.


University of Geneva,  Faculty of Medicine, Switzerland. 

Certificate on Health, Discrimination and Human Rights. Partnership with the Swiss School of Public Health, January – June 2009.

University of Fribourg/Institut Universitaire Kurt Bösch (Switzerland). Master Advanced Studies in Children’s Rights, 2008.

Magistrate School of Rio Grande do Sul/Brazil

Post Graduation in Private and Public Law – Magistrate School, 2005.

Brazilian Bar Exam - Brazilian Lawyers Association, 2004.

School of Law and Social Sciences, Pontifical Catholic University of Rio Grande do Sul – PUCRS, Porto Alegre, Brazil. LLB Law, 2003.

Biographical Sketch

Areas of specialty

  1. 1.Civil Society

  2. 2.Advocacy

  3. 3.Child Protection issues

  4. 4.Children without parental care

  5. 5.Vulnerable children, orphans

  6. 6.Child care systems assessment

  7. 7.Residential care

  8. 8.Foster Homes

  9. 9.De-institutionalization


Portuguese (native)

English (fluent)

French (very good)

Spanish (good)