About Karla Cueva


Karla Cueva is a very disciplined professional, that being an independent consultant have constructed a well known acknowledgement of her work in Honduras and abroad. As well, another of her characteristics is her sense of responsibility and commitment, specially with children in their own realities, having developed real  participatory processes in her research and studies. The knowledge of such realities led her to write her Master Thesis on the consequences of non registration of births on Honduran children’s lives, to highlight specially the situation of girls and women in the country, as well of indigenous children.

As a result of her work, she has participated in several Publications as co writer at the following documents: Report “Honduras: Summary Executions of boys, girls and adolescents”. Casa Alianza Honduras, 2002 and the “Review of Family and Childhood legislation in  Honduras” in 2008. As writer, in the “Study on the Legislation on Child Domestic Labour in Honduras. Analysis of the National and International Legislation”. ILO/IPEC, 2004.

As part of the social commitment with the community, she is in the board of the non-governmental organization Institute for Social Development and Citizen Participation as vice president, and member of the Lawyers Bar in Honduras.

Degree of Lawyer, Universidad Nacional Autónoma de Honduras (UNAH), 2002.

Bachelor of Science in Legal and Social Sciences with Orientation on International Law, Universidad Nacional Autónoma de Honduras, 1993.

Teacher of Basic Education, Escuela Normal “España”, 1988.

In her professional career Karla Cueva has developed posts as Complaints Investigator for the National Commissioner of Human Rights in Honduras, Advocate at the Honduran Institute of Childhood and Family; Auxiliary Public Prosecutor at the Honduran Public Prosecutor´s Office and in the Area of  Lobbying and Advocacy  for  Casa Alianza Honduras.

Since 2003 she is an independent consultant in children´s rights issues, specially in subjects as child labour, education, birth registration and commercial sexual exploitation of children. She has developed several consultancies for the ILO  International Program on Eradication of Child Labour (IPEC) in Honduras and also Dominican Republic. As well, she has developed studies financed by UNICEF Honduras and also for  institutions as the Public Prosecutor´s Office, the National Commissioner of Human Rights, SOS Children´s Villages and the National Institute of Childhood and Family (among others). Her experience have allowed her to be considered to training justice operators as judges, police officers, public prosecutors, teachers  and students on children´s rights issues and also domestic violence. Her experience in children´s rights allowed her to be considered as a technical advisor of the Commission of Childhood and Family in the National Congress to asses the first stages of the construction of the  Honduran National Plan against sexual commercial exploitation of children and adolescents in 2004.

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Areas of specialty

  1. 1.Children’s Rights

  2. 2.Advocacy

  3. 3.Birth Registration

  4. 4.Child Labour

  5. 5.Child Exploitation