A break -through gang reduction 
program through music

YEA created the attached Battle 4 LIFE program as way of supporting the Hip Hop industry’s transition from “Gangsta Rap” to “Music for Social Change.”

The Battle 4 LIFE program:

Matches young hip hop hopefuls with a hip hop recording artist as a mentor from their community (i.e. Eminem from Detroit, TI from Atlanta, etc.). The young hopeful will be selected from a community-wide “battle” which is supported by local media and community outreach programs.

Teaches the true origin of rap & hip hop which is street story telling of the disenfranchised in our American communities. Each hopeful will SHOW where his/her story originates by showing us their home life and struggle. Hip hop needs to maintain its original integrity while supporting the community which supports it.

Brings an immediate POSITIVE focus to the hip hop community through a proven program that is elevated by the participation of industry superstars WITHOUT compromising the hip hop history and storytelling capability.

Hosts a national televised special of the community Battle 4 LIFE winners with a national winner. All proceeds from this TV special and record sales will be donated back into the communities of the winners and into programs the hip hop industry supports.