About Alice Durgnat


Alice is a committed child rights advocate. In her studies, she completed a research paper establishing the criteria of determination of the best interest of the child in situations of abduction (by one parent), of placement (institutional or in a family), and regarding law custody, parental responsibilities, child protection. This paper has since been used internally by the social educators of the International Social services (ISS), active in these field of work.

With a student working groups, they formulated a research paper looking at the possible links between migration and child labour (mandated by the ILO and IPEC).

Her thesis was on the integration of foreign children in Switzerland identifying where Swiss laws, policies, and practices are not consistent with its international engagements regarding minor foreigners. An evaluation of the situation of different categories of migrants in the different dimensions of their lives was done, followed by recommendations to improve the situation of those whose rights are not properly respected.


Her professional work experience includes:  

•Acting as a detention delegate in Rwanda, working with a team of health and assistance delegates in a sensitive context, where she managed to reduce the death mortality in the prison. 

•Acting as a protection delegate in Kosovo, she negotiated with different parties in conflict, in order to obtain the evacuation of the most vulnerable people caught in the middle of the fighting - old people, wounded, separated children.

•Working on a documentalist in the ICRC division for cooperation and coordination within the Movement, she ensured the institution had access to a complete and reliable information on its cooperation with national societies of the Red Cross / Red Crescent Movement, and was responsible of the revision of ICRC;s cooperation handbook. Currently, she is involved in the organization of the ceremonies commemorating the 150th birth of the RC/RC Movement. 

•As the assistant of the commercial director of an American company (Beckman), she contributed to the successful set up of the European administrative center in Nyon in facilitating the integration and training of the employees arriving in Switzerland from all over Europe where she carried out the role of coordinator within the group and between different groups with great success, ensuring that information was adequately distributed.

Geneva University, faculty of Economical and social Science, 1986

Federal maturity (Latin) Geneva, 1983

Biographical Sketch


"Love is not to look at each other, but to look in the same direction"

-Saint Exupéry

Areas of specialty

  1. 1.Children rights

  2. 2.Children well-being,

  3. 3.International humanitarian law (IHL)

  4. 4.Reestablishment of family links

  5. 5.Integration of foreigners